Bod Girl of October 2019 – September Carrino

September Carrino is an Italian-American adult model who first appeared on PinupFiles in 2008. She was also featured in Playboy’s College Girls.

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September Carrino was born in Harbor City, just south of Los Angeles. She lived there only for 4 years which her parents moved to Northern California just as her sister was born. Her family moved down south and back for a while until they settled in Pollock Pines. In elementary school she learned that she liked to be the center of attention. She was also teased throughout her school years because of her first name, September. In high school she turned into a “rocker girl” and was very active in drama classes.

After high school September wasn’t sure what to do but a friend recommended her to model. She liked the idea because she was a fan of Playboy and Marilyn Monroe. She signed up for a casting and went to the Playboy mansion: soon after she was signed up she made the cover girl. After she was introduced to the industry she sign up with PinupGlam and has been working exclusively with them ever since.

September Carrino was a late developer, her breasts had only reached 28D by the time she left school, and by early 2008, when she was 21 and started modelling, she was 28F. Significant breast growth commenced in late 2009, and by February 2010, she was fitted for a 32G. In June 2010, after bursting a bra, she was refitted as a 32HH. After further development in late 2010, September presented herself for another fitting on 4th February 2011 – revealing herself now to be 32JJ. Eventually via September’s Twitter account it was revealed September had been pregnant, explaining her sudden breast development. On 23rd August 2013 she tweeted that her bra size was now 34J.

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