Bod Girl of September 2019 – Lucy Pinder Vol. 2

Although Lucy Pinder’s breast size is often stated to be 32G or 32GG, this has not always been the case. For much of her career, her breasts have been 32FF.

Shortly after she first broke into the scene in late 2003, she went up from her originally stated 34FF to 32G. By August 2004, Pinder had been fitted by Rigby and Peller and her bust had increased to 32GG. In a May 2006 feature with Sophie Howard for Loaded she was still 32GG. She had the largest breasts of any UK published glamour model from her discovery in 2003 until late 2006. Shortly afterwards she was back to 32G and by the time of her first topless shots in 2007 she was down to 32FF, which she confirmed in her last photoshoot with Michelle Marsh later that year.

She remained a 32FF through mid-2008, as she confirmed in an interview with Vanessa Feltz, but further reduction continued, with the revelation in the press following her eviction from Celebrity Big Brother in January 2009 that her breasts were “shrinking” and that her boobs were now “only” 32F. In the wake of her eviction from Celebrity Big Brother, Pinder said that she was considering having her breasts enlarged. She said that, contrary to claims by some, she had never had breast implants but that she was “not anti-surgery. I just haven’t needed to do [my boobs] yet.” She added: “They are still an F at the moment… if they ever got to a D, I would have to have them filled up again.” Later photoshoots for Nuts, FHM, Maxim, Loaded and various other magazines in 2009 and 2010 confirmed that she was still 32F.

In early 2011, Lucy’s website updated her bra size, disappointingly revealing her to have reduced to 32E, a full 4 sizes smaller than her 2003-2006 size of 32GG. In August 2012, Pinder’s agency Girl Management remeasured all their models. Pinder’s bust was found to have increased back from 32E to 32F. However, she was still several cup sizes smaller than the largest-breasted models like Kelly Andrews, Sammy Braddy, Iga Wyrwal and Francoise Boufhal. Even her old partner Michelle Marsh boasted larger breasts.

After her retirement from topless modelling in the wake of the closure of Nuts and Zoo, Pinder’s breasts have increased in size again. Shots for her 2017 calendar indicate that her bust has increased to a 32GG, if not even larger.