Talia Amanda Place Your Bets

You won’t see many casino card game dealers as naturally busty and curvy as Talia Amanda. So place your bets on Talia. She’s a winner. The green felt table will be used as a stage on which to swing and jiggle her tasty tits.

Talia mentioned that she doesn’t get recognized when she goes out and she’s fine with that. She likes to be noticed, and she is because of her pretty face and big boobs, but she’s the low-key type. A lot of the British naturals were like that during the early years of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines.

Talia said she likes breast-play that involves a lot of kissing. She’s never been tit-fucked. Amora Lee said the same thing and Amora was married. “I wait for the man to make the moves,” said Talia.

Talia Amanda Place Your Bets 1